Why authomats become conscieusness?

It’s frequenty in our fiction authomats become conscieusness. In fact, this is the main argument in a lot of this fiction.

In some moment, throught an inexpected event, an stupid and repetitive machine ‘wakes up’ and starts to think…

But what makes this possible? How can a simple machine develop the capability of conciousness? The answer is obviously: it can’t. Then, what is happening?

It’s easy. I’ll explain.

We can take for reference the Amazon’s serie ‘Humans’…
The called synth’s, awasomes machines with totally human aspect and habilities, and a powerfull capability to understand, comunicate and work, as become a really social phenomen, and we can find them everywere.

Those synth are complaint, careful and helpful. But the crazy doctor of this story, Dr. Elster, made some special synths… consciousness synths.

Let us analyze how happened all this…

According the story, synts where created by Dr. Elster and his team in a few years (fifteen-twenty years). This is impressive. And the question is: How can Dr. Elster, in those few years, be able to do his incredible task?

Assuming the argument of the serie… What ways can had followed Dr. Elster in order to achive his goals? In those few years, it has to be a kind of short way. Obviously, we don’t want to belittle the task of Dr. Elster, merely understand it.

The short way is the key. And what is the short way? Like in others situations (aks for it to China), the short way is not create from scratch, but ‘copy’ some existing thing. Dr. Elster is a ‘copycat’, obviously.

But a copycat of what? Well… Synths seems humans, they behave like humans, and when they becomes consciousness, their thougts are human thougts.

Synths are a copycat of humans. With one only difference: they aren’t conciouss… They don’t have free will (or even will).

And the sortest way to make something like that, is take off the free will from a human.

This is the sortest way: kidnup a person, manipulate it, and then sell it like a synth. But it’s a dangerousse way (and, of course, an inethical and inmoral way).

There is another way… Cloning… And this tecnique opens the doors to incorporate others ‘innovations’: blue blood, green eyes, main electrical system, artificial neurons, syntethic digestive and respiratory system, digital interfaces, stronger muscles and bones…

But what append with the conciousness and the free will? We know yet (almost since ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest‘) that a lobotomy can break it… Maybe it’s a genetycal lobotomy, maybe it’s done by drugs, maybe some kind of electrical lock… The case is this mechanism fails (too often) and the conciousness and the free will emerge. Not appears… it was always there. It merely breaks the walls of the prison and becomes free…

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