We, the gods

Chapter I

I am a god

Chapter II

Well… I’m a god… Don’t have you anything to say?

Chapter III

Any question? I can give you answers…

Chapter IV

Well…. Don’t worry… I’ll explain for myself.

Its’nt easy, to be a god. Why? Beaucouse… I don’t know… let me say… we are the first gods here… We have not ‘references’, instruction manual… We merely exists. There is no one to complain, to ask for… Nothing else. Only ourselves and the world of the gods.

How I know I’m a god? Well… A good question! It’s not easy to know. No one comes here and tell you ‘Ei! You are a god!’. You have to figure it out for yourself.

Only a few of us know we are gods. The others… They are fools… They not only ignores they are gods… They even belive in gods!

But nothing exists without us. The world itself, the colors, the shapes, the objects, we are who give them existence.

Chapter V

Are we alive? We create de life. And yes, we are alive, beaucouse we call ‘live’ what we are.

We can die? Of course! Beaucouse we called dead what appens in the end of our days.

How many gods are there? A lot of them! But they don’t know they are gods, and I ask… Coud a god be a god, if he does’nt believe he is a god? I think no.

Those poor fools call themselves ‘humans’, and afirms other gods creates them…

But gods did’nt exists before us. We’ve create gods. We’ve even create the idea of god. And, who can create gods is, obviously, a god.

Chapter VI

Heaven? Hell? No. They don’t exist… still…

Right now, the gods are discovering what they are. It’s hard (I think I’ve told you before), beaucouse you has to fight your own creations. And it’s really confusing.

We are creating gods, worlds, animals, emotions, things, even conciousness, souls and minds. But… how can you identified what was real before us, what is a creation, and what is only an illusion.

In fact, the creations of the gods, have not still take place. They exist only in ours minds (if ours minds exists).

Chapter VII

I don’t know if you are a god. Maybe… What else can you be? You are in the gods world. But the time (yes, we’ve create it too) is young here. There is no glamour for being a god. Not now. No, beaucouse… I don’t know… I think a god should feel powerful, great, proud… But those aren’t my feelings right now.

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